A Revolution in Hairdressing


Here at Ethereal, we changed the way we do things so that you never feel rushed at the salon again, an experience like no other. We pride ourselves on delivering a one on one tailored service, working with no assistant’s and seeing only one stylist all the way through your visit, this allows you to feel listened to, relax and enjoy some time for you.


Before each service we start with a complementary 15 minute conversation, allowing you to get to know your Stylist/Colourist/Therapist before you begin,  a price/quote is agreed so there are no hidden costs, making it easy to switch off and relax. Each service is personalised so that all your needs are met. Pricing can vary dependant on hair length and/or density, amount of time and/or product needed.

Our passion for hair, life and well-being runs throughout our brand, from biodynamic eco-friendly products with active ingredients that emanate calming and restoring effects on the hair and scalp. To the offering of soulful events and individual treatments to help balance the mind, body and soul, we are passionate to heal and inspire through the senses.  The events and treatments we offer are Guided Meditations, Reiki, Cocoa Ceremonies, Yoga, Tarot Card Readings, Spiritual Psychology & Philosophy and many other alternative therapies.

At Ethereal we believe in people and we see everyone as an individual. Not only will you receive amazing expert advice from the best hairdressers in the industry but also leave with the tools to enrich every aspect of your well-being, our intention is that when you leave, you feel completely aligned.

Book your consultation now and we will align you with one of our talented team members to make sure that all your needs are met. On your first visit, we will add an extra complimentary 15 minutes, allowing you to feel comfortable and not rushed.

What's your intention? 

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I have been a visiting Dean for years. His energy and attention to detail tailored around my hair needs makes each visit unique and I leave a better version of myself each time. His ethos for wellbeing is reflected in everything that is created at Ethereal. A truly bespoke service.

Caroline Abbotts

Follow your gut and speak to one of our Talented Team.



Non-invasive complementary therapy. Helps to activate the natural healing process of the patient's body and restores physical and emotional well being. Great complementary therapy for anyone undergoing surgery, anxiety, depression or just looking to grow spiritually.
Space Hire
Ethereal is a home created to collaborate with like-minded people. Hosting events and challenging guests to stretch intellect and imagination with thought-provoking events and well-being concepts.


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Yoga Classes
A combination of Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation. Designed to connect the Mind, Body and Soul together. Allow yourself to fully connect leaving you feeling a sense of grounding and peace. Aiming to achieve levels of Samadhi (pure bliss consciousness).

Coming soon. We will be creating a little hub and getaway in the heart of London. The idea is to create a mini Ecosystem so we can reuse and grow some fresh ingredients from our very own Garden area. Come and relax and allow yourself to completely detach from the bustling city.




At Ethereal we have created a space that is multifunctional. Our intention is to Team up with like-minded people, to share our space so we can allow each individual to express their passion for life and love for the work that they do. 

That's why we have created a calming and therapeutic environment. A large main floor with high ceilings, a meditation zone downstairs and a therapy room with a garden.

Our Collective Ethos is one we are passionate about. So feel free to drop us a message below or call by and see how we can help you.